The Club prides itself on providing members on-going education, for first time and experienced beekeepers. Our intent is to provide education during each meeting and, on selected meeting dates, provide more in-depth, hands-on style education at the “Meeting Before the Meeting” (MBM). All education topics and instructors are subject to change at any time.

A committed group of club members have scoured the internet to find some of the best videos to make your search for education easier. If you see a topic missing or some bad information please leave a comment or contact us. Our intent is to provide accurate and complete information.

Why Beekeeping

Bees are Awesome

Getting Started

Honey Bee Jobs
Hive Location
Basic Tools-Non Hive

Basic Tools – Hive
Hive Safety
Bee Biology
Equipment Needed

First Year

Lighting a Smoker
Mite Testing-Sugar Roll
Low Cost Baggie Feeder
Hive Management
Installing a Package

Ordering Bees
Installing a Nuc
Feeding, Basic Spring
Feeding, Basic Fall
How to Prevent a Swarm
Finding Your Queen
Mite Management

Second Year and Beyond

Queen Excluder
Making a Split
Feeding, ProBiotics
Feeding, Supplements
Flower for Pollinators
Honey Extraction
Pest Management
Queen Rearing

Kids Corner