What to Expect in Northeast WI in December

Here is what to expect in and around the hive in December.

In the hive

The bees are in their winter cluster and there is little to no egg laying in December.


  • Order any replacement bees (packages, nucs, or queens) as soon as possible; producers generally run out fast.
  • Clean your honey house, freezer, or other areas that are chaotic/full in the active season.
  • Take inventory. Fix, clean/sterilize, purchase, assemble, and paint equipment as needed.

Yard maintenance

  • Remove ice or snow blocking the hive entrances, to give the colonies better ventilation.
  • Don’t worry about snow around the hive body which may help insulate the bees.


  • Don’t forget to renew your membership in the club and get the meetings on your calendar.
  • Spend this time reflecting on what went well and what you might change next year.
  • Plan for your upcoming year: do you want to downsize or scale up, try out a new form of honey production, get into the pollination business, or something else?
  • Catch up on Bee Culture and American Bee Journal – and renew your subscription!

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