Swarm Removal

Club members willing to remove swarms of bees, serving Northeast Wisconsin:

  • Dave Elsen 920-370-5281
  • Carl Fisher 920-497-4629-leave a message. Will quickly return your call
  • Steve Hupfer 920-497-1998

When honey bees swarm they are in the process of dividing the colony in two. And that’s a good thing! However, when they are in your backyard it can be scary. Don’t get overly concerned – honey bees are generally very docile when swarming. Watch a Swarm Capture.

Before calling please ensure your insects are honey bees and not wasps and have the answers, as best you can, to the following questions. Refer to the pictures below.

  1. How long has the swarm been there?
  2. Where are the bees currently located and what are they in.  More detail is better.
  3. How far is the swarm off the ground?
  4. How big is the swarm using rough dimensions?
  5. Can you take a picture and send it?
  6. Have you done anything to the swarm? Sprayed it or disturbed it in any way?

Beekeepers may ask for a fee if they arrive and the bees are other than honeybees.

These are Honey Bee’s

This is what a honey bee swarm looks like

These are NOT bees! Common type of wasps:  Hornet and Yellow jackets

and their nests