For Sale

The club does not endorse nor validate any of the items for sale. You are cautioned to ask appropriate questions and do you own due diligence about any claims made about the items listed.

Land for Keeping Bees

The club was recently contacted by a local land owner interested in having someone keep bees on his land. If interested contact Scott Zittlow at 920-434-7918. Here is what he said:

I have 4 acres of farm land in the town of Lawrence. My Parcel is surrounded by farm land and an apple orchard across the street. I’m wondering if someone would be interested in putting up hives.

Bees for Sale

$100 – These bees are a swarm caught on June 6, 2020 and is about 4 or 5 frames worth of bees (basically a nuc). You will be getting 5 frames and for this price we require you to give us five frames. If you have no frames the price is $120. The bees have not been tested for mites. Call Dave Elsen (920-370-5281) or Carl Fisher (920-497-4629) if interested.

Bee Tools

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Electric Uncapping Knife. Heats quickly to easily remove the wax from frames of capped honey. Preset at the appropriate temperature. Quick-heating knife is ready to use within two minutes. Comes with instruction manual.
Contact: Dave Elsen at OR Carl Fisher at