July 2019 -As is typical in July for the club instead of a meeting we held a picnic. Special thanks to Dick and Carol Sturm for coordinating the picnic and to James Avery for being the grill master and providing samples of his homemade wine.


February 2019 – The “Meeting Before the Meeting” in February was a hive inspection of a hive that died over the winter. A search was made for the queen but she was not found. The bees either starved, although there were some frames with honey, OR the hive didn’t have enough ventilation so the bees were damp. The group was split 50/50 on the cause.

February 2019 – The Club was well represented at the Einstein Expo where over 3000 students passed by our booth. The Club’s mission to “…. create an environment where learning opportunities exist for association members and the general public.” was accomplished. The questions were endless and enthusiasm for bees infectious.

September 2018 – Thanks to all who participated in the Definitely DePere Farmers market.  It was a beautiful day and we appreciate all the help and input.

July 2018 – A fun day for everyone during the club picnic.  It’s always nice getting to know people and families outside regular club meetings.   There were good conversations along great burgers, brats and dogs

Special thanks to Carol and Richard Sturm for organizing the picnic.  Also thank you to all who brought food to share and door prizes.   And lets not forget a big thanks also  to Jim Arvey for the home made wine!!  And Orren Fredrick for a great job on the grill.


June 2018 – Prior to the start of the June monthly meeting, members  enjoyed the music of club member, Orren Fredrick. The members of the bee club have a wide variety of skills which always makes for a fun meeting.


Ag Expo 3

Club Secretary, Tom, with a “bee” hat at the Oneida Expo Ag Fair in June 2018. To see more pictures, click here.





April 2018  Club President Steve and member Kaelyn met with the conservation club at Sunnyside Elementary School in the Pulaski School District for an hour. The discussion focused on how individuals can help honey bees and about the joys of being a beekeeper.

Sara class

Club member, Sara Kowalski, sharing her knowledge of foundation with other club members.





Club member, John Parsons, demonstrating how to build your own hive box at the January 2018 “meeting before the meeting”.

Building Hive Boxes Building Hive Boxes