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Meeting Before the Meeting-August 2019

A live honey extraction demonstration will be conducted. Participants will be encouraged to assist with uncapping honey cells using several different methods. Using the club owned two frame extractor participants will get to experience spinning the extractor and seeing the final product, honey, flow into a capture container.

Meeting Before the Meeting-June 2019

Don’t forget your BEE SUITES. Join us at Botanic Gardens for hands on hive experience.  We will start promptly at 5:30 and end at 6:15 and cover opening a hive, hive inspections and what to look for.  The LOCATION is off of Larsen Road, the west Botanic Garden gated entrance across from NWTC. Look for BCBA posted signs.   Please park in the NWTC parking lot and use the crosswalk to the gated entrance across the street..   Walk down the path towards the garden shed – the hive is along side the shed.

Meeting Before the Meeting-May 2019

LOCATION CHANGE:Meeting ROOM Change. The meeting will be held at the Botanical Gardens in the NWTC Landscape Horticultural Classrooms which are located in the building to the immediate right of the main building entrance. There will be signs to help direct you.

Learn how to do a mite check. One of the more important tasks a beekeeper must perform to ensure a healthy bee colony. This demonstration (no live bees) will cover the most popular method of mite check among club members. Plenty of time will be available for questions.

Aug 2018 Meeting Location Change

The August 2018 Green Bay Beekeepers Association monthly meeting will be held on its normal night and time. The meeting is the third Wednesday of the month, August 15, 2018, at 6:30 pm.

However, the location has changed from the Green Bay Botanical Garden to the Village Grill at 801 Hoffman Road, Allouez. Come early and have a meal before the meeting.

The September meeting will again be held at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.