Club Activities in 2018

September 2018 – Thanks to all who participated in the Definitely DePere Farmers market.  It was a beautiful day and we appreciate all the help and input.

July 2018 – A fun day for everyone during the club picnic.  It’s always nice getting to know people and families outside regular club meetings.   There were good conversations along great burgers, brats and dogs.

Special thanks to Carol and Richard Sturm for organizing the picnic.  Also thank you to all who brought food to share and door prizes.   And let’s not forget a big thanks to Jim Arvey for the home made wine!!  And Orren Fredrick for a great job on the grill.

June 2018 – The Brown County Beekeepers club participated in the Oneida Ag Expo on June 9, 2018. The Ag Expo Featured family activities that celebrated Oneida and Wisconsin agricultural heritage and future.  There were food vendors, live music, 4H Garden tours and speakers such as Kyle Turley (former NFL player).A lot of interest in beekeeping was expressed by the attendees.

April 2018  – Club President Steve and member Kaelyn met with the conservation club at Sunnyside Elementary School in the Pulaski School District for an hour. The discussion focused on how individuals can help honey bees and about the joys of being a beekeeper.

February 2018 – Club member, Sara Kowalski, sharing her knowledge of foundation with other club members.

Sara Kowalski sharing her knowledge

January 2018 – Club member, John Parsons, demonstrating how to build your own hive box at the January 2018 “meeting before the meeting”.

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